Schlier's Towing is making headway in their task to clean up the crash site of the tractor trailer from Saturday. Eric Weyerdyk of the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission says information has been published that is false. The truck was not carrying 50,000 pounds of material as stated by others. It was carrying 29,000 pounds of plastic pellets, also known as nurdles.

   It was also speculated a vacuum truck would be coming to filter the pellets out of the water. The DEP tells us they don't even own a vacuum truck, and Weyerdyk says there will be no formal cleanup on behalf of the DEP or Fish and Boat Commission. Schlier's will be the only agency executing any cleaning operation, and they will only be taking care of the crash site.

   Weyerdyk says Schlier's has removed about 24,000 pounds of the material so far, and there was a lot in the trailer when it was winched up. He says there's only about a thousand or less pounds in the streams. They've only traveled a couple miles down stream, and they are non-toxic.

   The Fish and Boat Commission will be doing their work by levying penalties against the trucking company responsible for the crash, Raceway Transport and Logistics out of Trenton, New Jersey. Raceway will have the option of settling out of court. The next option, if they don't settle, is prosecution.