The plastic pellet overspill off of Interstate 80 last Saturday polluted the local streams, but there will be no clean up from the DEP or PA Fish and Boat Commission outside the crash site. The fact that these plastic pellets, also called nurdles, floated downstream a couple miles is a problem.

   Instead of letting these forever-lasting plastic pellets lay in the stream, the Trout Unlimited Brodhead Chapter is organizing a community event where the public is encouraged to come and help on April 15th at 1 o'clock. People can park at the old Northampton Community College on Old Mill Road in Tannersville behind the Weis Market. The community clean will start right there in and along the Pocono Creek, and the group will move upstream.

   It will go until 4 o'clock. Volunteers are asked to bring handy items like pool skimmers, dust pans, brooms, flat-head shovels, battery powered vacuums, and other tools useful for cleanups.