Ever since Planned Parenthood left Stroudsburg back in August, residents say there was a void for the types of services they offered. But a new medical facility will take it's place and offer lower-cost healthcare.

   Novus ACS has it's one and only branch in Bethlehem, but recently noticed a dramatic uptick in patients from Monroe County without knowing the Planned Parenthood closed. Owner Allen Smith says there's been an incredible outpouring of support, so he's moving into Courthouse Square in Stroudsburg and opening the doors to patients in June.

   Novus ACS offers similar services to Planned Parenthood, but have different approaches. Planned Parenthood focuses on family planning and education whereas Smith says his practice looks to prevent STDs while also offering primary care. 

   Along with free std testing, Novus ACS will eventually offer those in Stroudsburg and Monroe County with physicals, sick visits, and screenings for mental health, cancer, and nutrition.