The former secretary treasurer in Lackawaxen Township will spend up to seven years in state prison for embezzlement. 

Shawn Roe, plead guilty to those charges back in February. Prosecutors say Roe stole 220-thousand dollars from the township over a ten-year period. The crimes date back to 2003. 

Prosecutors say Roe used the money on herself and her family. The bonding company paid back most of the money to the township, but Roe's responsible to pay back the twelve-thousand dollar outstanding balance that wasn't covered. 

Roe told the court she made a mistake and her attorney says if she could go back in time she would. However, DA Ray Tonkin says the only thing the defendant was sorry about, was getting caught not the crime itself. 

ADA Bruce Desarro called Roe's crime the ultimate betrayal of public trust and says she deserves to spend some time in state prison to think about how her greed impacted the taxpayers of Lackawaxen Township. 

Shawn Roe was sentenced from one to seven years in state prison.