A teenager from Pike County has come up with invention to save children's lives. 

15-year old, Madison Lucey says she was horrified hearing about children dying in hot cars. 

Every year in the US, 36 infants die in hot cars. In the summer, that is once a week. 

Lucey designed a child car seat, to prevent tragedies like these from happening. 

Her invention can sense when a child has been left in a seat and when the temperatures rise. 

It works on sensors, one registers body weight while the other monitors the temps inside the vehicle. 

It it gets too hot, the device sends an emergency alert to the caregivers cellphone. 

Lucey gave us a demo, using a doll and her parents min-van. She set up the intervals of when the alerts are sent out at two minutes. After just over a minute, the phone started beeping, warning of the high temperatures in the car. 

The alerts are setup on a loop. The notifications will keep being sent, until they are read. If the caregiver does not respond to the message, her design can alert emergency contacts along with police and 911. 

Lucey says her car seat only cost about 45 bucks to make. She's positive, if a 15-year old can do it, so can the big car companies. 

Lucey says she put her design up for free on github.com. She also started a petition on change.org to make these mandatory in all car seats.