Dozens rally in pike county to honor a dog who served overseas. 

The dog's name is Nathan, he spent over a decade serving in the armed forces.

Nathan's official rank was Navy Master of Arms Chief Petty Officer. Nathan served in Iraq along with assisting in missions all over the world. 

Sean Harrigan was the dogs handler. He owes Nathan his life, crediting for saving him from danger on more than a couple of occasions. 

Nathan was trained to detect explosives and attack when necessary. Officials from the army tell us, the dog was often the first one into the battle. 

Harrigan adopted the dog after he returned home from combat, he says the two were a "pawfect" match. " He was my best friend and I will never forget him and I could never replace him. 

Dozens of veterans paid their respects to Nathan, a memorial was held at the American Legion in Milford to honor his service. 

Harrigan says he appreciates the outpouring of support, knowing his best friends life and service will never be forgotten. 

Nathan was buried at a veterans cemetery over the weekend.