The Columns museum has been a historic landmark in Milford since 1930.

The Pike County Historical Society uses the building for its offices. 

Officials from the Historical Society say the building sustained alot of damage from the storm on March 2nd. 

Lori Strelecki, the museum director says the Historical Society receives very little money from the state. "we used to get 10 thousand, then they cut it down to 0 and now we are at 4" 

Strelecki says the 4-thousand dollars is barely enough money to scrape by. None of that covers general maintenance, like fixing the porch, painting the ceiling, and restoring the rotten wood on the columns itself. 

That type of work requires hosting fundraisers and getting private donations. 

Strelecki says opening your checkbook isn't the only way to help, she appreciates people dedicating their time as well. 

"if you can swing a hammer, swing a paintbrush or have general carpentry skills, your time is appreciated. " 

The historical society setup a gofundme page with a goal of five-thousand dollars. You can donate on the Historical Society's Facebook page.