A primary school in Pike County makes it easier for kids to make new friends.

Dingman Delaware Primary School purchased "buddy benches " for the playground.

2nd grade student, Nick Keller suggested the idea of the benches to the school. 

Keller had just moved to the area. He was having a tough time making new friends. 

There were buddy benches at Keller's old school and he thought they could boost morale on the playground. 

The school purchased two of these red buddy benches. Here is how they work: If a child feels lonely at recess, they can take a seat on the bench to let others know they want a friend to play with. 

Once a kid sits on the bench, it’s like sending out a silent signal that they are lonely and need to be included. 

Teachers credit the benches for creating a more inclusive environment at the school. They encourage every school to purchase one, so a kid will never be standing alone at recess again. 

The PTA purchased the benches for the school. School officials say they cost about 500 dollars a piece.