The National Weather Service has confirmed a tornado ripped through parts of Wayne County yesterday afternoon. 

Rapid lightning strikes, blinding downpours and isolated flash flooding rocked the Poconos yesterday.

The high-gusting winds were so strong,  it blew out some of the windows of the route 6 plaza in Honesdale.

North main street in Honesdale also got hammered. The trees snapped like twigs from the 70 mph winds.

PPLS coverage area was decimated. Tens of thousands of customers still have no power and according to the company, they won't for some time.

The town of Bethany was devastated. Hundreds of folks are still in the dark. Bethany Turnpike was closed down all morning. A tree snapped, ripping down powerlines and causing traffic to turnaround. 

PPL says they are low on manpower so restoring the electricity will take some time. Officials from the company hope to have most of Wayne County restored by Friday.