Officials in Pike County are taking the big drug companies to court. 

Pennsylvania has one of the highest overdose rates in the entire country. 

Pike County Commissioners believe its the pharmaceutical companies that need to be held accountable. 

Matt Osterberg says the drug companies make billions of dollars, manufacturing and prescribing prescription opioids. He's convinced the government has done nothing to hold them in check.

Osterberg cites a case in Lyoming County. A doctor prescribed more than 2.9 million prescriptions for opioids in less than two years. 

"The government is doing nothing to hold them accountable, so we are going to." 

The county believes the only way to slow down this growing epidemic, is hitting the drug companies where it hurts the most, their pockets. 

The paperwork has been filed in the Pike County Courthouse. County officials say many other counties, statewide, have also joined in on the class action lawsuit. 

The class action hearing for all the counties will be held in Delaware County. Osterberg says no tax payer money will be used in this legal battle.