The National Park Service is still reeling from the storm on March 2nd. 

The intense storm caused widespread damage, closing a number of trails throughout the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. 

Child's Park in Delaware Township was one of the areas hit the hardest. 

Thousands of trees came crashing down in Child's Park. Some of the rootballs are as big as 16 feet in diameter.

The fallen trees blocked some of the trails, snapped bridges and obliterated observation decks. Park Service officials estimate about a million dollars worth of damage. 

While some of those things can be fixed, other things in the park can't.  Because of all the down trees, the landscape in the park will never be the same again. 

Park Service officials say it will take years before the park will reopen. They can't stress enough the importance of staying out of the park while its closed due to the safety hazard. 

There are still plenty of trails that are still open and they can be found on the NPS website.