A Lower Towamensing Township man wants to move his family's meat processing business to his hometown.

Steward Herfurth Jr. is the owner of Lehigh Valley Meat, LLC, currently located in Plainfield Township near Nazareth.

He went before the Lower Towamensing zoning hearing board Tuesday night to propose building a six thousand square foot slaughterhouse on Hahns Dairy Road.

Herfurth says the USDA regulated facility would have no more than ten to twelve employees.

"I've worked in big commercial plants where we've had five thousand employees and I don't want anything to do with that kind of operation. That's not what we want to bring to this area, we want to bring a small, needed operation," said Herfurth.

The proposal was met with concerns from residents about odors and the impact it could have on the value of nearby properties.

"When you consider you're going to be holding livestock--there will be manure, there will killing, there will be processing and there will be astringent chemicals for cleanup. None of those odors escape the plant?" asked Dominica Borger.

Brandon Mazepa said "Although it is contrary to popular belief that it does not help or hurt the value of your property, according to statistics, it does lower your property value by up to twenty percent."

No vote was made Tuesday night. The zoning board will make a decision within 45 days.