A Barnesville man charged in the 2016 drug death of a 23-year-old Tamaqua girl is found not guilty on all counts.

Prosecuters alleged 23-year-old Kyle Merenda sold fentanyl to Alex Sienkiewicz in April 2016. She died after overdosing on the drug.

The case was the first time ever a person charged with drug delivery resulting in death went to trial in Schuylkill County court.

After five hours of deliberations Tuesday, the jury found Merenda not guilty.

"This case is over for Kyle. I haven't spoken to him yet. Hopefully he gets out there and gets his life together because he's the other person in all of this and hopefully he learns his lesson from all of this," said defense attorney, Hank Clarke.

Merenda is facing additional drug charges from a separate incident in December of 2017 in Ryan Township. That preliminary hearing is scheduled for June 20th.