A group of high school students are helping the National Park Service discover a new type of invasive species. 

Biologists have uncovered a new form of invasive rusty crayfish taking up residence in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation area. 

Today a group of students from Wallenpaupack High School were at Raymondskill Creek, trying to catch some of these critters to study. 

The National Park service is conducting a survey to see how widespread it may be and to get a baseline of what other crayfish are in the park. 

On Wednesday, the group will be at Bushkill Access from 12:30 until 2 pm catching and processing crayfish and learning about the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act (became law 50 years ago this year).

On Thursday at 1:30 pm they will be at PEEC catching and processing at Tumbling Waters and Friday at 10:30 am, they will be at Hidden Lake pulling traps and processing the catch.