The newest statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics reveal a staggering number of people leaving Pike County for work. 

Economic leaders in Pike County say more than 60% of the folks living in the area, travel out of the county or state to go to work. 

EDA Director, Mike Sullivan says the average number of people who commute nationwide is right around 25%, giving Pike County more than double that amount. 

Sullivan says its hurting many of the local businesses, since people are buying groceries, lunch, and gas outside of the county. 

Pike County has always had a large population of commuters, but these are some of the highest numbers Sullivan has ever seen. 

Bordering states like New York and New Jersey are paying much higher salaries. Sullivan says the pay is almost double for people working in the private sector in both states. 

Sullivan tells us he's working with other county officials to find a way to bring more businesses to Pike County.