The state appoints a new commission to protect the rights of the LGBTcommunity.

Governor Tom Wolf selected 40 people to join the commission, the first ever established in the country.

Milford's mayor, Sean Strub was one of the first people to be selected to the commission.

Strubs, a pioneer, the owner of the Hotel Fauchere in Milford has spent decades educating people on the AIDS virus. 

Strub's a survivor of the disease, he's traveled the country, educating people on how HIV is still very prevalent in today's society. 

Strub tells us, 45 thousand people a year are infected with HIV. He's nervous with the opioid epidemic and needle sharing, those numbers could skyrocket. 

"Which could lead to a quick resurgence in the number of HIV transmissions." says Strub. 

Strub says one of his first orders of business is removing the barriers people in the LGBT community face. Job discrimination is one of the biggest issues on the table. 

"An employer can come in and fire you because you are bisexual, gay or lesbian." says Strub. Under the current laws in PA, that's perfectly legal. 

"So that's a big piece of unfinished business in pa to pass equal employment protection." adds Strub. 

Strub says he's also focusing  eliminating therapies aiming to change a persons sexual orientation