Some business owners near Lake Wallenpaupack are frustrated with a paving project taking place in Pike County. 

Penn Dot is paving a nine-mile stretch of route six, between the intersection with route 590 and Lake Wallenpaupack. 

Crews were out over the weekend, traffic was down to one lane causing a log-jam of backups. 

Business Owners, like Bridget Gelderman of Wallenpuapck Scenic Boat Tours, says many of her customers called up to cancel tours. She claims they were furious being stuck in line. 

"It really didn't just impact our business, but this is only the access from the lake to Hawley, so it really hurt all the businesses in the region" 

Penn Dot says the 3 million dollar project is a total re-paving. The road's in bad shape and hadn't been fixed in the last 17 years. 

They wanted to start the project and have it finished before school started. Penn Dot it was a choice between inconveniencing tourists or the school district, students and their parents. 

"its really a no-win situation. You'll have several hundred buses pulling in and out of that parking lot. Its unfortunate but its work that needed to be done. " says Pike County Penn Dot manager, Ken Thiele. 

Penn Dot did come up with a resolution to ease some of Gelderman's concerns.

They will stopping all road work on weekends through labor day, but Penn Dot says they hope to have this stretch completed.