Delaware Water Gap National Rec Area introduces its new superintendent.

Former Superintendent, John Donahue retired from his position after spending 15 years at the helm.

New Superintendent, Sula Jacobs has only been in charge for two weeks, but she's no stranger to the area.

It's a homecoming for new superintendent, Sula Jacobs.

Shes taking over a position she's coveted since growing up in nearby Sullivan County.

Some of Jacobs fondest memories are floating on the Delaware River with her family.

"we used to come out with the whole family and raft down the river with everyone together. "

Now after spending years in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Virginia, she's excited to finally return home.

"so its really cool to see things come back full circle. " says Jacobs.

She also understands this job comes with alot of responsibility. Jacobs is inheriting millions of dollars of storm damage that closed many of the trails inside the park.

Since she's only a couple weeks into the job, Jacobs is still getting her feet wet. She says she's only had a chance to explore about 30 percent of the park and wants to assess what areas to focus on.

But she wants the community's input before making any decisions. Jacobs wants to hear folks concerns while also hearing input on the things the park service is doing well.

The Park Service will host an open house on October 13th. Folks will have a chance to meet Jacobs and ask her questions and share any compliments or concerns they may have.

The open house will be at the Bushkill Meeting Center from 4-7 pm.