Shawn Christy appears in federal court Monday after being captured by authorities Friday evening.

A spokesperson for the Justice Department says Christy was arraigned by a U.S. District Magistrate in Akron, Ohio on federal charges out of Pennsylvania.

The McAdoo fugitive was found Friday hiding between rocks in a wooded area of Richland County, Ohio after being on the run for more than three months.

Christy was wanted by U.S. Marshals and the F.B.I. for allegedly threatening several officials, including President Trump.

Christy's mother Karen had this to say after hearing the news her son was finally in custody.

"[It's been] utter heck. It's been crazy not knowing where he is, if he's safe, if he's dead or alive, there's so many scenarios that run through your mind but we try to stay focused," said Christy's mother.

Christy remains in custody in Ohio. He has a detention hearing scheduled for October 1st and will eventually be extradited back to Pennsylvania.