Potential noise that could be created by a proposed wind turbine farm in Penn Forest Township takes center stage at the latest hearing on the turbine applications.

On Tuesday night, sound-modeling expert, Robert O'Neal, testified in favor of Atlantic Wind, the company trying to build the turbines.

He believes the project will comply with the township's ordinance which restricts turbine noise level to no more than 45 decibels.

O'Neal also states turbine operators will have the ability to control sound level if need be.

"The only time I could see the sound perhaps becoming an issue is under blade icing conditions. So if the blades get a lot of ice on them that does change the sound characteristics of them so in that case, the operator could reduce the sound," said O'Neal, a managing principal at Massachusetts-based consulting firm, Epsilon Associates.

O'Neal's testimony contradicted that of Robert Rand, a sound expert who previously testified on behalf of those objecting the turbines.

Rand stated Atlantic Wind's sound modeling was inaccurate and should have used a different metric. O'Neal refuted this in his testimony.

The next hearing is set for October 30th.