West Penn Township police have received the stamp of approval on a new vehicle impound lot.

Earlier this week, supervisors unanimously passed an ordinance allowing for construction of an impound lot behind the police department. It will be monitored and controlled by officers, making it easier for them to search seized cars when needed.

West Penn Chief of Police, Brian Johnson, says giving his department authority to decide when to release cars to drivers will make the process of dealing with towed and seized vehicles easier.

"The whole idea is to make it more efficient for the police department to operate but also to make it better for the people as well so they're not dealing with multiple towing companies. They come to our facility, we're here 24/7 so they can actually reach us anytime and we'll release the car in the middle of the night, if that's what it takes," said Chief Johnson.

Chief Johnson says a police-controlled impound lot is a "first" for our area. He hopes to break ground in the next month and have the lot up and running by January.