Two students in the Wallenpaupack School District have been arrested for threatening another student.

School Officials at Wallenpaupack were alerted of the threat that was sent to another student over Instagram.

According to Superintendent, Mike Silsby, the threat was made from a dummy account. The students making the threat told the other student to stay away from school or harm would come to them.

The district acted quickly once notified, sending out robocalls to all the parents and sharing news of the threat over their website and Facebook page.

The school contacted State Police to determine the severity of the threat.

Silsby says after several mass shootings, they don't take any situation lightly and making sure the students and faculty are safe is the number one priority.

Some parents decided to keep their kids home as a precautionary measure, but Silsby says he's confident the situations been resolved.

The two students arrested for making the threats names are not being released since they're minors.