A Towamensing Township church has received zoning approval for a more than 3,000 square foot addition.

Jerusalem United Church of Christ on Church Drive wants to add a new building on the north side of its property. It will connect to the existing church and house a new multi-purpose room and restrooms. Another parking lot will also be added. The current multi-purpose room in the church basement is congested and not easily accessible for children and elderly parishioners.

"Meeting rooms get to be a problem if we have two or three committees that happen to want to meet on the same night, again we're congested in how we can accommodate meeting space. So our church is growing, it's headed in a great direction which not a lot of churches can say today, and we want to continue that growth," said Ed Brader, Jerusalem UCC's consistory president.

The township zoning board gave the church conditional approval at Monday night's hearing.

There are concerns from the church across the street and next door neighbors regarding septic issues and increased parking and lighting but those are not issues heard by the zoning board.

Jerusalem UCC must now form a land development plan addressing those concerns.