James Hydro — a fitting name for a man with a love of aquariums — owns “HydrosReef”. He installs commercial and residential aquariums All over the region.

Hydros donated a Fish Tank to the C.A.R.E.S day center for adults with disabilities today. He installed the donated tank free of charge, and plans to help them with maintenance for the first few months. 

The donation was made through “giving tanks”— a program he started to help others. The idea for the program came from his 10 year old son, who has autism. Hydro says their home aquariums have always helped him snap out of a bad mood, and Cope with stress and anxiety.

Hydro installed a fish tank in his sons school, ISST BHA in weissport. The special ed teachers, and students use it regularly as an emotional support tool. Hydro plans to continue collecting donated Supplies, and installing them in facilities in need.

His next project, he says, will be installing a 75 gallon tank in a Tunkhannock elementary school special ed room.