Westfall and Milford Townships are on board for a study for a central sewage system.

Economic leaders call the lack of central sewage crippling to commercial development in the area.

Pike County is still waiting on the green light from Milford Borough before going ahead with the study.

Businesses like the Milford Diner say its been a never-ending expense not having central sewer.

Nick Kolokithas shells out 16-hundred dollars a month to have the septic tank pumped at his diner.

"If you multiply that by 12 that is a whole lot of money." says Kolokithas.

Kolokitha's calls central sewage a blessing. He's at a loss for words of how beneficial it would be to the local community.

"Its extremely important. very important. I don't even have words for how important it is." says Kolokithas.

Economic leaders like Mike Sullivan agree. He's lost out on many potential buyers because of the lack of central sewage.

"There are certain classifications of businesses that will not come here because we don't have sewer." says Sullivan.

Westfall are Milford townships are both on board for the study. They are waiting for word from Milford borough .

Sullivan says any major sewer expansion would take place in phases and likely take many years to complete