Election leaders in both Pike and Wayne County are voicing concern over new voting machine requirements.

The state mandate requires all voting machines are replaced by the 20-20 election.

Wayne County officials replaced their machines eleven years ago. They claim the machines meet the states new requirements, but they're still being forced to pay for new ones.

"I don't feel like spending 500 thousand dollars on new voting machines when the machines we purchased have an audible paper ballot. " says Wayne County Commissioner, Brian Smith.

Under the mandate, all voting machines must have a verifiable paper ballot. Smith claims Wayne County meets those requirements.

"We do everything on paper, every single one of our votes can be vouched for." adds smith.

Election officials in Pike County call the Governors demand unreasonable. They were given no advanced noticed that all the machines would need to be replaced.

"This mandate came down and counties are left scrambling.  We have to conform to it now, we don't really have a choice." says Director of Elections for Pike County, Nadine Manzoni.

County officials estimate the cost of buying new voting machines will be hundreds of thousands of dollars. Manzoni says the single biggest hurdle for paying for the machines, is a lack of a funding source.

"In PA its about 14 million dollars and when you divide that money between 67 counties in the state and its not a lot of money." says Manzoni.

Governor Wolf did ask state lawmakers to foot half the cost for the new machines.

Election officials in Pike County say price will factor in to their next purchase..