With a new St. Luke's hospital on its way to Carbon County - network representatives share their plans for the region's future in healthcare. St. Luke's officials were at the Palmerton Chamber of Commerce's monthly meeting Tuesday to discuss plans for the Gnaden Huetten and Palmerton campuses.

A new hospital is set to be built off Harrity Road in Franklin Township and representatives ensure there are no plans to close the current facilities.  Instead - there will be an expansion of services. St. Luke's is finalizing the addition of a new "care now" urgent care center at the Palmerton Campus. 

"It will be open extended hours and you can walk in for routine care. The good news is it's less expensive than going to an emergency department for urgent care. The co-pays are much less so it will provide a savings to people using the service," said John Nespoli, President of St. Luke's Palmerton and Gnaden Hutten Campuses. 

The hospital planned for Franklin township is expected to have emergency room services capable of serving forty thousand patients per year.St