Residents concerned about a volunteer ambulance company in Pike County are asking township leaders for answers. The Delaware Township Ambulance has been struggling to respond to calls and is down to only five volunteers. Delaware Township Supervisors set aside 53 thousand dollars for the department but they have not turned over the money because the supervisors have not received financial information and other requested documents.

Supervisor John Henderson says he’s been serving for three years and getting information from the department has been a problem that entire time. He doesn’t believe the Township should give the department money until they’re sure it will be spent wisely.

Last night Delaware Township Ambulance officials told residents they have a new board of directors and they're working to give the township the needed information.

Lieutenant Carl Will says he believes progress is being made but the department will not be able to expand without the contribution from the township this year. The township has paid to repair one of the department's ambulances and they're talking about repairs to another. Supervisors want residents to know if they dial 9-1-1 an ambulance will be dispatched to their home. They also want more people to consider volunteering to help out.