Its National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention month and the Lehigh Valley International Airport held a press conference to help make the public aware of how to spot a trafficking victim. There were several speakers including Chris Duncinson of the FBI. He had this to say "the things to look for is anyone who's not in control of their documents, someone who appears to be controlled by someone, someone keeping close tabs on them, not allowing them to do stuff, someone who might be traveling with far less possessions then someone might have going through an airport or traveling."

Duncinson also says the Lehigh Valley isn't different than most places. "I think its right on par with everywhere else. i think the issue is a national and international matter for that matter. but sex trafficking is happening here, and child sex trafficking is happening here."

We spoke Christiana Dominguez, the director of the valley against sex trafficking. She says it's hard to collect data from an underground black market, but it's not data she's worried about. "It's about individuals lives who are torn apart, and traffickers who are making money off human bodies, and buyers."

today they handed out packets of red sand, from the Red Sand Project then everyone went outside to the concrete and poured the sand into the cracks, and that represents all the sex trafficking victims that have fallen through the cracks. Dominguez had this to say about the project "I love the red sand project. these individual victims, they fall through the cracks. i mean a lot of victims fall through the cracks. a lot of victims fall through the cracks on a lot social issue. but these individuals fall to the very bottom."