Students in Pike County are getting some help putting food on the table.

There are more than 20 students at the Wallenpaupack School District that are considered homeless.

Some staff from Wallenpaupack High School is doing their part to make sure they have a full stomach for the week.

Marie, the staff set up a full food pantry inside the school. The shelves are stocked with cereal, soups, peanut butter, and even school supplies like pens, pencils and folders. The idea is to make sure the students have everything they need to function in class and food on the table when they get home.

It’s heartbreaking for Rosemary Martynuk 

" So many people need help"

Seeing kids in her classroom that can’t afford to eat.

“" I can’t imagine kids growing up without beautiful things in their life especially things like food."

The poverty level in the Wallenpaupack School District is about 56 percent

"We currently have more than 20 families in the district that are deemed homeless and Monaghan fears the numbers are misleading- and there could be even more.

"We have what they call couch surfers, who left their homes for a variety of reasons, they are also classified as homeless.

Stunned by this need for food Martunyk knew she had to do something.

"Something special that would trigger other people that’s how it began"

She decided to start a food pantry located inside the high school –

"I hand the students bags of food every Thursday or Friday every single week."

Some teachers and local businesses are helping her keep the shelves filled..

“They responded IGA, Dutches’s Market, 507 Country Store.

The pantry is stocked with Cans of soup, peanut butter, boxes of cereal. It's healthy food Martunyk says kids can prepare for themselves.

"That's the idea. Some students don't have an oven, they only have a microwave so this makes it easy."

The plan is to expand the food pantry into the other schools inside the district. Martunyk says she's also working on a grant from Walmart to make sure the shelves are never bare.