Residents contacted us complaining about a traffic light at a bridge replacement project in Monroe County's West End.

The temporary signal is located next to the Routes 209 and 534 intersection in Kresgeville.

Today we looked into what's causing the backups. 

Drivers are extremely frustrated with this traffic light. It's one of four signals set up for the bridge construction over Middle Creek in front of the Kresgeville Deli on Route 209. 

The bridge is down to one lane of traffic as workers replace one side of the bridge at a time. Drivers say the red light seems to get stuck going southbound on Route 209 causing traffic to backup. 

And one driver tells us it's not just causing him to waste time sitting, "I’ve seen trucks on the back roads now trying to get around this. You have people going up and around and now it’s backing up the back roads. Some of these trucks don’t belong on those back roads."

But some locals know the traffic light isn't the issue. Officials confirm you must stop where the sign is posted that reads "Stop Here On Red" or the camera won't see your vehicle. If it doesn't see you, the sensor will assume there's no traffic on the southbound side and the light won't change.

Others are just taking the whole ordeal in stride and are just keeping their fingers crossed the construction is almost done.

We're told there is a date set for the opening of the bridge now, it's January 31st, which is exactly two weeks from today.