The new Reilly Children's Hospital recently constructed at Lehigh Valley Hospital on Cedar Crest blvd. in Allentown is open and in use. We spoke with Dr. Nathan Hagstrom, the Physician In Chief of the Reilly Children Hospital. He says "the biggest benefit for them is they're all single rooms. As you know that will lead to great privacy, plenty of visitors, and just room for the kid to be a kid."

The new unit will bring the many facets of child care to one centralized location. Hagstrom tells us have a play room and a family lounge, equipped with a washer and dryer. There's also an area for physical therapy on the unit.

There's also special room for kids who need invasive procedures from have blood drawn all the way up to bone marrow transplants. Helen Julia, Project Director says "our goal is to keep the patient room a safe environment, so anything scary they can see as something that gets them worked up they see here, so they can remain in a healing environment back in their rooms."

Each of the 30 private rooms is identified by a specific color, and animal. Hagstrom says "The colors, the animal themes, the pictures. anything that can distract a child from whats really going on can really helps them sort of cope with them being sick and in the hospital."