Governor tom wolf labeled strengthening workforce development critical in his budget address.

Wolf highlighted raising minimum wage and preparing today's workforce for the jobs of tomorrow.

Workforce leaders in Pike County are optimistic after hearing the governors pledge to invest in the workforce and for job seekers, its also encouraging, because looking for work, is a job in itself.

Jennifer Miller spends countless hours submitting her resume online.

Everyday she checks her email- just hoping for a response.

"Its like a job in itself, it really is." says Jennifer Miller.

Millers not alone - many other job seekers are stuck in the same rut.

Ross Rosado's been on the job hunt for a few months.

"There are a lot of jobs for people who have a skill set that I just don't have." says Rosado.

Both Miller and Rosado spend a significant amount of time at the Workforce Development office in Shohola.

"The job seeker really has the advantage at this point, there are so many openings out there that employers are really struggling to fill them." says Director, Cynthia DeFebo.

Cynthia Defebo applauds the Governors pledge to invest in job training. Especially with many workers aging out of the job force statewide.

"The younger generation needs to polish up on their skills, with the older generation aging out, the younger generation need to step up their game to fill those shoes." adds DeFebo.

Governor Wolf also emphasized raising the minimum wage to 12 dollars an hour.  A move DeFebo calls critical.

"Somebody making 7 will now be making 12, somebody making 12 will now need to be making more because of their skills and experience."

Miller also appreciates the Governors effort to focus on workforce development. Because for her, the most important thing in the world, is being able to provide for her son.

"Hes my life and I will do anything for him and its make me want to be a better person."