East Stroudsburg University is trying to be proactive when it comes to the flu and stomach virus. 

Last night the college sent out a warning to students about outbreaks happening at neighboring campuses in the Lehigh Valley. 

Officials also included tips on how to stay healthy and reminded students to stay home from class if they're not feeling well.

Students at East Stroudsburg University aren't taking the threat of the flu and stomach virus lightly.

"It was a little scary."

The school sent out an email last night letting everyone know outbreaks have been reported at other colleges in the Lehigh Valley and shared preventative measures their students can take.

Students tell us they really appreciated the school reaching out, "I really thought the school was trying to ensure our safety about it because they were saying oh it’s nothing with our food. We checked all of our foods, making sure everything was ok. But making sure you wipe down everything and be safe because they pretty much don’t want the whole campus to be sick."

While there was an outbreak a few years ago at the campus, luckily officials tell us there haven't been any cases so far this year at ESU. 

University Health and Wellness Director Amy Freeman adds, "It seems to be the flu in our area in the Pocono region is less than what they’ve been seeing in other years."

School officials recommend washing your hands constantly with soap and warm water. You lather your hands under the water for at least 20 seconds to get the germs off. They also recommend using disinfectant wipes and drinking a lot of water.

Students we spoke with today had other ways to stay healthy.

"Just take a lot of vitamin C and zinc, I think it will help you a lot in terms of your immune system so you can deflect it."

"We’re going home this weekend so we’re getting out of here I guess."

The University is also making sure students in their residence halls are well equipped to be proactive.

University Relations Assistant Director Elizabeth Richardson explains, "Students can go to the front desk, we’re giving out sanitation wipes so they can get a pack of wipes there, wipe things down if they have questions."

Health Education and Prevention Student Educators will also be handing out additional flu prevention materials here in the University Center and in residence halls next week.