After being plagued with dumping issues for over a year, Towamensing Township drops the hammer.

Supervisors have enacted a new ordinance prohibiting littering and dumping on township-owned property.

It also designates which materials can be disposed of at township recycling facilities.

Supervisors tell News 13 they've been inundated with garbage being dumped at the township building for months.

"Every weekend there's typically at least an extra garbage truck full, it's costing our township taxpayer money because we have to clean it up and haul it away," said Penny Kleintop, chairperson of the township Board of Supervisors.

 Supervisors say the ongoing problem has left the township no other choice.

"We have no recourse other than adopting this ordinance. We're going to be installing cameras, we will catch the people that are doing this dumping and we will take them to court," Kleintop said.

Residents who don't obey the new ordinance will be subject to a fine of up to $1,000.