A missing boy from Pike County has been found.

The eight-year old student at Shohola Elementary school bolted from the school grounds a little after noon.

The boy ran into the woods behind the school.

It was a very scary incident for the Delaware Valley School District.

First responders spent over five hours scouring the woods nearby for the boy.

Around 6:15, the search party found him wandering near twin lakes road.

It was one of the most terrifying moments of John Bell's life.

"This is the scariest thing in the world for any parent and you just hope and pray that everything is going to be OK" 

Never in his 30 years in education did Bell ever experience a student running away from school.

"This has to be one of the strangest scenarios that I have ever seen"

The boy bolted out the doors of the school and into the nearby woods.

" 29 years in the business and everyone of these situations is different than the last one, but the fact that all these people came out of the woodwork to help made a huge difference"  says Bell.

Hundreds of first responders, including police, fire and rescue,and sheriffs department assisted with the search.

"Every single agency in Pike County assisted with the search and the sheriffs department provided a ton of resources"  says Brian Vennie, Station Commander, PA State Police in Blooming Grove.

State Police deployed a search helicopter and K9 units to help track down the missing boy.

"Every avenue that could be thought of to find this young man was followed"  adds Vennie.

They even got a help from an army of volunteers- willing to lend a hand.

" When things hit the fan, we all step up and we help each other and that's what this was about today" ยป
but even with all that manpower - there were still obstacles to overcome.

"Brian - We were dealing with changing weather conditions, it was getting dark and on top of it all, the boy wasn't even wearing a coat all he had on was a sweatshirt"

Approaching the five hour mark - the search party found the boy - wandering near Route 6 and Twin Lakes Road..

"At this point hes being checked out by the ambulance, but by all accounts he appears to be fine." says Vennie.

And for John Bell, though it was nightmare to endure, seeing the family reunited is whats most important.

"These poor parents I cant imagine, I know what it felt like for us, but they have been here with us every step of the way, so thank god it turned out okay" 

 Police say the boy should be alright. They just thank want to thank everyone for their help and support finding the child.