According to an study done by 14% of Monroe County residents are food insecure meaning they don't have access to food. News13 learned a new food bank is in the works to help lower that number.

Reverend Gary Sampson of East Stroudsburg is attempting to start a new food bank, he told News13 about the importance of organizations helping the less fortunate with food in Monroe County.

“You know the need is never how can I say? Never satisfied," said Sampson ”A food bank that’s faith based is a big way to go only because we understand the fight,” he added.

Sampson tells us he is already steps ahead, with distribution trucks in his possession, as well as a list of sponsors his organization is close with that are willing to help.

“We’re not about profit, we are about doing what’s right according to what we are commanded to do through the gospel,” added Sampson.

If you would like to donate, can goods and Charitable contributions can be sent to, 5190 Hilltop Circle, East Stroudsburg, Pa.