No one likes to pay more at the pump than they have to

AAA says the prices are lower because the demand for gasoline hasn't changed, but there's a larger increase in the supply.

Theresa Podguski from AAA in Allentown says the Pennsylvania average is 2.50 a gallon which is almost a quarter higher than the national average, but we were paying 30 cents more a gallon a year ago. Sometimes the best way to save money on gas is by using less.

"Not accelerating real quickly, not pressing down real hard on the accelerator. and doing that gradually. also braking gradually." Podguskie said.

AAA says one of the best ways to save gas is by sharing rides. Alan Schlenker says he'll never complain about cheaper gas, but tries to carpool to work at Mack Trucks in Macungie whenever possible.

"Both my boys work at the same place I do. so when time permits we carpool." Schlenker said. "I pick them up, they pick me up, go back and forth like that."

Charlie Coblentz said he noticed right away when the gas went down.

"From Laurys Station up to Palmerton twice a day, every day." So we asked him. "So how do you feel about low gas prices?" He replied, "Oh I love it. Anything to keep more money in my pocket I'm all for it."

But just because people are saving money at the pumps doesn't exactly mean they get to keep it for themselves.

We asked Coblentz, "So when you save all this money, what do you do with it?" He looked down and said, "Pay for my kids' things I guess. That's about it. Yep, I work to feed my kids."

To help people like Charlie keep money in their pocket, we found some of the cheapest gasoline in our viewing area according to,

At 2.39 a gallon we have the Valero and Turkey Hill in Nesquehoning. The Turkey Hill on Susquehanna in Jim Thorpe also at 2.39.

The lowest gas price in the area is the Tamaqua Mini Mart in Hometown at 2.36 a gallon. You can fill up and head down to the Hometown Farmers Market only open on Wednesdays till 8pm.