Love is in the air and it's not too late to plan a romantic night for your sweetheart.

From heart shaped pizzas to heart shaped tubs, Monroe County has got you covered this Valentine's Day.

The phone is already ringing off the hook with pre-orders for heart shaped pies at Kasa's Pizza located on Route 940 in Paradise Township. They started the Valentine's Day specialty about 30 years ago just for their local customers but the last four years, it's really taken off like cupid's arrow. Tomorrow their staff will be tripled to handle the demand.

Owner Dave Buchter says, "I would expect to make probably around 250-300 heart shaped pizzas."

So we had to ask Buchter to show us what goes into making the recipe for love. It starts out just like a regular pizza but the key is using a lot of flour so it doesn't get stuck in the oven.

Buchter says, "Then we always look at it and say where do you see that point?"

Once you pull out the point, it's time to cut out the top part of the shape. Then don't forget to make the crust. Add the sauce and your toppings and put it in the oven.

But that's not all, they also have heart shaped cheesecakes from the Pocono Cheesecake Factory and Kasa's is also preparing chocolate covered strawberries as part of their special Valentine's Day deal tomorrow.

Buchter explains, "It’s a pizza, strawberries, cheesecake and garlic knots for $34.95."

Now that you’ve got your heart shaped dinner, you can go just up the road on Route 940 to the “Land of Love.”

Public Relations Coordinator Kyle Kuczma for Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts says, "We are known the world over for our heart shaped whirlpools and our most famous thing of all, the seven foot tall champagne tower whirlpools for two. And of course we provide romantic getaways for couples all year long."

Paradise Stream is pulling out all the stops for the resort's so-called "Month of Love."

Kuczma says, "So we hide a diamond necklace on property and if you find it, that’s an easy Valentine’s gift that you get to keep. You’re going to find we have our chocolate fantasy buffet available for dessert. That’s where you’ll find me, I skip right through dinner and go right there."

And you don't have to book a suite to celebrate a romantic night.

Buchter adds, "It’s dinner and a show. We do a split of champagne, there’s a long stemmed rose."

Falling in love in Monroe County.