A Pike County ambulance company is in desperate need of rescuing.

Delaware Township Volunteer Ambulance Corp is running out of money.

The problem is two prong. They don't have the money to pay the staff and they don't have enough volunteers to field the other calls.

The ambulance company is trying to partner with the township to fix the problem.

There is no easy solution for Car Will.

The Director of Delaware Township Volunteer Ambulance Corp says the company is bleeding money.

"We are in dire need of funding. "

Will's already more than 30-thousand dollars behind on payments.

"We can't afford to even keep the rig on the road so we can't afford to respond to 911 calls right now."

And he doesn't have the money coming in to fix the problem.

"We cant. We can't stay afloat because we don't have enough billables to do it.

With little over a thousand dollars left, Will's reaching out to Delaware Townships for help.

"We need the 55-thousand dollars they have in their budget, that line item. We need that money."

But township supervisors aren't convinced forking out the money will solve anything

"My feelings are and my fellow supervisors are is they will never have enough money to pay a full time staff."

Supervisor, Rick Koehler puts the blame on a shortage of volunteers.

"It seems to have come to its peak and they are having difficulty getting new members."

And Koehler cites poor past management for digging them into this hole.

"We cant give them more money until we can see all their books and know where the money is going."

Will agrees with the township, but he doesn't have an immediate fix in his back pocket.

"The thing is we need more volunteers but we can't get them and have them trained over night. We need the money."

Will suggests a township supervisor joining the ambulance board as a liaison. He says it would give them open access to their books and everything they do.

"That way they will have a voice and then wouldn't have a problem getting that money."

Will says the company is trying to eventually transition to all volunteers, but they cant do that without money or help