An apartment unit at the intersection of routes 209 and 534 near Kresgeville went up in flames last night just before 11:30. The man who lived there is currently without a home.

The man who lived there was inside when the fire started just before 11:30 p.m. last night. The property owner said everything here can be replaced, and she's thankful no lives were lost.

"I'm upset of course. I'm thankful no one was injured. it could have been a horrible disaster." said property owner Lorraine Everett.

Polk Township fire chief Billy Tippett says five different fire companies were dispatched to the scene, but they couldn't save the upstairs unit.

Tippett said, "Unfortunately the apartment was a total loss at that point. Being that it looked like there was a business being run out of the property somewhere somehow, we had the fire marshal come in just as a precaution."

The apartment is above a garage which Everett says she just fixed up. She owns two other units on the property which were not affected.

Everett said, "I just remodeled that whole apartment upstairs. That was just totally remodeled. and I furnished it."

Chief Tippett says although they couldn't save the apartment, they were able to contain the blaze which is in the middle of multiple structures which were not damaged.

"Go and attack the fire, make an aggressive interior attack. Preventing any further damage or any damage to any of the surrounding structures on the property." said Tippett.

Even more, firefighters were able to work fast to save the entire ground floor below the apartment.

"Garage and base of the building didn't take on any flame damage." Tippett said, "There was a structure to the left side that took very very minimal heat damage."

The state police fire marshal says the tenant was very cooperative as this is under investigation, and the Red Cross came earlier today to lend the man assistance.