Corporal Clarence Smoyer is from Parryville. He fought in World War 2 for almost three years as a tank gunner. Today in Allentown, Clarence arrived at the VFW in a Sherman tank, just like the one he operated in the war. We spoke with Smoyer who told us about that tank “Very little break downs with that. It worked, it worked well. The only thing was we didn’t have heavy enough armor, and we should have had more fire power because it was hard to knock the Germans out.

Adam Makos, a New York Times best-selling author met Smoyer six years ago. Today they were together because of a book called "Spearhead" written by Makos, about Smoyer...

Makos says Smoyer is more than just a hero “This is a guy who fought in the battle of the bulge. One of the 1st tanks in the cologne, he led the way through there and knocked out 5 German tanks. Then at the end of the war he's fighting in the Nazi Fort Knox, taking on the best german tankers there were.”

Smoyer is most famous for knocking out a German panther tank at the Cologne Cathedral in Germany.

“I couldn’t see him to get a shot but I thought ill fire through the building and with armor piercing shells maybe I’ll get a lucky hit. I fired, and I think about the 3rd, 4th shot went through there and all of the sudden the whole top of the building broke off and came down. All the bricks and stone came down on the tank.