"The adventure begins!" 
Karen Elise Wormack of Mount Pocono is a children's book author.

"But Prissy said, sister we can make our trip better!"

She's also the president of the Guilded Scribe independent book publishing company.

"Our desire is partnering with a corporation to help get the remaining Prissy and Missy Adventures illustrated, published and branded." 

We caught up with the author at Shoprite in Brodheadsville as she promoted The Adventures of Prissy and Missy series. The books are written in poetic verse and feature multicultural cat twins.

"The Adventures of Prissy and Missy are really lively. All of their stories are emotional. They're funny and also educational." 

The characters have been in her imagination since childhood. 

"My mother would call me "prissy" if i was too prim and if i was a little too sassy, my mother would call me "missy." 

Karen Elise loves children! As a former educator, she champions literacy.

"I know how important it is for children to become educated and to have a beautiful life and not all do." 

No two days are alike for Karen. Her journey of becoming a children's book author has been filled with blessings and challenges. But she says her family has been her rock.

"My mom has gone on now. My mother has been very instrumental, my parents, my mother and father have been instrumental in my life." 

Karen Elise shares her stories with anyone who will lend an ear.

"While passing many islands along the sea, Missy gushed, sister I'm glad you're with me." 

Her infectious enthusiasm attracts listeners of all ages.

"They were two of the sweetest sisters who got along, ever since the day they were born." 

The vibrant author also writes her own jingles.

Karen Elise has been sharing The Adventures of Prissy and Missy for nearly six years...

With two books in print and at least nine more in the pipe line, she encourages aspiring authors to follow their dreams.

"If an author has a book in his or her own heart, I really admonish them to take it to the next stage out of your mind onto paper."

"The End!"