A Monroe county property reassessment was recently performed , but now many residents are confused. In 1989 when the previous reassessment was done taxes were figured on 25% of the assessed value, homes will now be taxed on 100% of the home's value.
"Taxes aren’t going to go up 12 times, if it did it’s because you’ve been paying on a vacant lot when you have a brand new house, now you’re going to be paying that," said Project Manager for Tyler Technologies, Dave Depp. 
According to commissioner John Moyer, just because residents will be taxed on the full value of their home now, this does not mean all people will be paying more taxes.
"This isn’t a way for the county, the school district, or the municipality to get more money," said Moyer. "We are stuck with the amount of money that we assessed this year, our budgets can’t increase by the fact that we are under reassessment," he added.