Efforts are underway to bring a dog park to Wayne County.

The fundraising campaign started last week to build a dog park in Riverside Park in Hawley.

Hawley borough already approved the plans for the dog park, but its going to require some financial help from the community to get it built.

Its just two acres of open space right now, but with help from the community, Riverside Park could be fenced in, giving dogs a place to run and play.

Heather Gezlinger's vision is to bring a dog park to Hawley

"I have dogs, I love dogs and I want a place where they can run free and play."

Genzlinger envisions a fenced in area at Riverside Park where dogs can run around off-leash.

"We want to have a big fenced in area, pavilion, benches, playground equipment." 

The concept is important because nothing like this exists nearby says Sue Currier.

" I have to take my dogs and hour in each direction to go to the nearest dog park."

Currier points out many people don't have the space at home to let their dogs run free."

"There just isn't the land and property like that so it would be ideal if there was safe location they could run around off-leash."

Since pitching the idea, Collier says she encouraged by the response she's getting.

"Anytime I am walking my dog and bump into people, they seem really excited about the idea."

But to get the dog park built, its going to take help from the community to fund it.

Genzlinger estimates the cost at around 75-thousand dollars. People can also volunteer their time or skills if they don't have the money to pledge.

"You can build equipment or donate equipment or even just volunteer your time." says Genzlinger.

And Currier's confident dogs will be roaming free at Riverside Park in 2019.

"I think we are in position to get this done very quickly."

Donations of any amount  can be made through the Lake Region Community Dock Foundation either online or by mail.

More information is available on the Committee’s website. Find out more by visiting their website below.