Pierogies are a classic way to enjoy potatoes. Pierogi lovers will be able to get some fresh ones this week.

The parish of St. John's Byzantine Catholic Church in Lansford is having a huge pierogi sale. It's open to the public this Friday and it takes them about a week to prepare.

"We are making our pierogies which we do monthly and we make approximately 160 dozen pierogies every month." said Cecelia Keer.

That's just under 2,000 pierogies made by hand. Keer says a group of parishioners of St. John's  Catholic Church get together once a month to make these delicious pierogies, and they even took the time to teach me how it's done. Keer says the great taste comes from fresh ingredients and no preservatives.

"And I think thats probably the secret to it." Keer said. "It's all fresh. I mean we do freeze them right away, but usually they're gone by Friday so they're not frozen very long."

Keer says the preparation for their pierogi sale starts about a week before they get to crimping the edges and bagging them up.

"To make it go smooth as it is here right now, we go out, we go shopping for the cheese, the potatoes." Keer said, "Then we line up all the equipment, make sure everything's working."

Before the peirogies are assembled, a couple gentlemen along with David Padora come in around 4:30 in the morning to start peeling potatoes and making the filling which is only a couple ingredients.

"You know, once the potatoes are boiled, then we mix the cheese, the salt and pepper, a little onions. And that's our filling." said Padora.

Padora said it's great for the parishioners to come, get together, and shoot the breeze while helping their church. He said fundraisers are key for the survival of most churches in this day and age.

"These churches can't survive just on parishioners. they need things like this." Pandora said.

If you want to make pierogies with the parish you have to wear a hat, or a hair net, but if you want to buy some you can come to the church on East Bertsch Street this Friday from 11 to 1 for peirogies and halushkie. If you miss this one they will have another sale in April and May.