Smithfield Township supervisors want to warn you about a crumbling railroad crossing.

They've been trying to get the owner to fix the potential hazard on River Road for months and have received a lot of complaints.

Now their call for action is finally being answered.

Chairperson Brian Barrett of the Smithfield Township Supervisors says,"The road is just falling apart, actually it’s just eroding and we’re getting potholes that are becoming quite severe right now."

Smithfield Township Supervisor Brian Barrett is talking about the railroad crossing on River Road that's located near the new Delaware Water Gap roundabout. We're told creeping over it may be too fast. 

Marshalls Creek Resident Eric Yohay says, "They’re a hazard and they can damage your car pretty badly."

Yohay is one of the many complaining about the deteriorating crossing. He tried to avoid it at all costs. But he does have a special method to get across it when he does use it.

Yohay says, "I know how to go at the right angle."

The supervisors have been trying to get it fixed for months, but they're waiting on the Pennsylvania Northeast Regional Railroad Authority, which owns it. 

Barrett says, "It’s their responsibility to keep that safe and sound for the railroad itself and because of that we are not even allowed to go in and patch it or do any work on that particular crossing."

We found out the railroad company is planning on fixing it this spring and it could be as early as next week, weather permitting. They estimate it should take only one day.

Superintendent Lorie Ransom of Delaware Lackawanna Railroad says, "We’ll just close one half of the crossing at a time. We’ll remove the entire crossing, we won’t remove the rail or the ties but the asphalt and the timbers that are already in the crossing will be completely removed and replaced with new."

Railroad officials appreciate everyone's patience and just want to remind you in the meantime to take it slow over the tracks.