Emmett McCall has been the long time Recorder of Deeds for Carbon County. He passed away last night at the age of 80.

McCall was recognized at today's commissioner's meeting, and everyone who worked with him remembers him well.

There weren't too many dry eyes in the room when commissioners talked about how good a man Emmett McCall was. He will be greatly missed.

"I'm thankful, my wife and I are thankful, and our children that we had Emmett McCall in our life." Commissioner Biull O'Gurek said with tears in his eyes.

Emmett McCall has been the Recorder of Deeds since 1991, but that is far from the legacy O'Gurek will remember him by. A life long Lansford resident and Marion Catholic alumni, Emmett was involved with CYO basketball, little league baseball, and volunteered himself any way he could.

"I loved Emmett McCall, and I still do." O'Gurke said.

Emmett's younger cousin is former Speaker of the House Keith McCall and spoke to us over the phone. A state representative at the young age of 22, Keith says he owes much, if not all, of his political success to the man he considered a second father.

"It was Emmett's hard work and his dilligence on my behalf that helped me become the representative I became and ultimately the speaker of the house," McCall conmtinued, "Because it was he did so much to help me get to that pinnicle in my career."

Emmett McCall was a democrat, but comissioner Tom Gerhard says that didn't play into the way he treated anyone in county or local government.

Gerhard said, "Emmett didn't let the republican, democrat come into play. He was a friend of everyone. And he made many friends across this county. He knew many, many people. He was involved. He was a caring, giving man"

Keith says the political realm isn't where he'll remember Uncle Emmett, it was the way he treated his family. This past Christmas three of his granddaughters taught him how to take his first selfie.

"It was family first all the time. That was number one. Family was number one." Keith said, "He was god loving, he was god fearing. He loved his community and if he was your friend, he was your best friend."

Keith says he and the family are torn because some of them are in Florida for the funeral of Emmett's brother who passed away last week, but they find comfort knowing that he's with his wife Mary Ellen, his son Connell, and brother Jack in heaven