State Representative Todd Stephens [(R) Montgomery County] is proposing legislation that could temporarily revoke the right to bear arms from a suicidal person.  

A concerned family member or friend could petition a county judge to hear the case.  First, they'd present evidence that their loved one is a danger to themselves.  If a judge feels the case is founded, a full hearing would be scheduled.  

At the hearing, both sides (the concerned family member and individual in question) could present evidence, including psychiatric evaluations, and witnesses.  The judge would be allowed to confiscate guns from the individual for up to one year.  After a year, their gun rights would automatically be restored.

State Representative Doyle Heffley (R) represents Carbon County.  Carbon County has the second highest suicide rate in all of Pennsylvania (67 total counties) but Heffley feels the bill violates the second amendment.

According to Stephens, two thirds of gun related deaths are suicides.  He says Connecticut implemented an extreme risk protection order similar to the legislation he is proposing, resulting in a 13.5 percent decrease in suicide.  Based on that statistic, he estimates his bill could save 100 lives each year in Pennsylvania.