Milford and Westfall Townships are moving forward to with a central sewage study.

County leaders label the lack of sewer crippling to economic growth in Pike County.

The lack of central sewer is crippling to business owners like Nick Kolokithas

"We have about 12 tanks and grease traps along with everything else. "

Kolokithas shells out 16-hundred dollars a month to have all of those tanks pumped at the Milford Diner.

" Every single restaurant in this town suffers from sewer."

The diner's not the only one suffering. All properties in Milford have individual sewer systems. Milford Borough Council President, Frank Tarquinio

"Besides the businesses, we also have people now who are looking to buy property who are concerned. "

but officials in Milford Township, Westfall Township and Milford borough are exploring bringing central sewer to the area.

"based on the results of this study we will be able to determine if this is a good fit, how long will it extend and how long would it take. " says Tarquinio.

52-thousand dollars of county funding will go toward the study.

County Commissioner, Matt Osterberg says, the proposal involves extending the sewer line from Westfall to Milford Township.

"The plan is to take that line from Walmart and bring it down route 209 through Milford Township and into Milford Borough."

Osterberg calls central sewage not only benefical to businesses and residents -but also a driving force for economic growth.

"Also for properties within their townships, which also drives economic development and also helps the tax base as well."

The townships anticipate the study being completed in the next couple months.

After that's finished, the next phase would be construction of the sewer line.